Well, I guess you can say I'm back, but obviously not back to my photo a day project. I've been away for quite a while! It's been an....eventful few months, to put it mildly. So rather than say I'm continuing my project 365, I'll say this will now be a place to post some photos on a "semi regular" basis and get back to enjoying my photography. So how better to begin anew, then a reminder to stop and smell the flowers! We don't know what life has in store for us---I have certainly been reminded of THAT recently! This is a quick shot of our Lucy from this evening on our deck, with the point and shoot Canon. (Man, I can never get that thing to focus where I want it to!) But isn't she a sweetheart?

Catching up--AGAIN

Catching up seems to be the norm for me lately with the blog. Life has caught up with some of my fellow 365 bloggers as well, but we keep trying. This is my birthday weekend, so my sweet husband surprised me with a rose in a box on the car seat as we were leaving for dinner. I shot it in our kitchen-- The balloons in the mirror are conveniently still up from my daughter's birthday at the end of January!

Here's yet another one of our kitty, Lucy. My husband insists that she chose a birthday present for me, but I won't get it until tomorrow.

This one is actually from last weekend, because I am short this week. This was taken with my point and shoot at the hotel. Daughter and I love looking over the railing WAAAY down there. Staying at a hotel is the upside of going out of town for a doctor visit.

Another point and shoot hotel shot.... "Keep walking on that treadmill lady!" It looks like that's what he's saying, doesn't it? (Daughter is adjusting the volume for me.)


Wandering around my daughter's room again. She has a collection of "sparkly" little animals. She would always pick one or two out when we went on vacation. Frogs are her favorite, so I focused on him. I'll take a photo of her frog collection one of these days. (I'm behind on posting again, but have been shooting every day--mostly mundane things! So I'll catch up posting later today. I'm so impressed with those of you who can keep up with your blogs!) P.S. I love having my lens back from repair, but it makes it more obvious that I should have dusted before I shot this! hee hee


Yes, the cactus has a name--Jennifer. It's my daughter's cactus, and she always names them. (The one before this was named Vlad.) She keeps it in a little cup of water. (The water doesn't actually touch the bottom of the pot, so I guess it doesn't get too much. It's doing quite well!) I've been playing with depth of field and still don't have it quite right, but it's fun playing.

Friday and Saturday

This my husband at the end of a long day on Friday. The dying plant doesn't enhance the picture too much! (Just ignore the pitiful thing.) Plus, my husband thinks he looks "scary" here. (I don't.)

My daughter and I headed out this weekend for a little road trip. She sees a specialist about 4 hours from where we live. We just go about 3 times a year, and we try to make it fun. We stopped at a Taco Bell out in the middle of I'm not sure where. (The Taco Bells around us do not look this good---We've noticed that the rural fast food restaurants always look nicer--why is that?!) I took this one with my little point and shoot, because I didn't bring the "good camera."

Here's another with the point and shoot, this time at the hotel. We always manage to spend some time in the fitness room (and she lasts longer than I do!)


This is Vanessa, my daughter's almost 4 year old guinea pig. (Well, actually one of two guinea pigs. Molly will have her session another day!) Vanessa is such a hoot. (She's an Abyssinian guinea pig, by the way.) I admit, when my daughter came to me at age 11 and told me she wanted a guinea pig (or two), I went "Eewww." I had no idea that they would be such sweet, sociable pets. Educational too--my daughter created a guinea pig website on her own when she was 11. (Is it me, or does Vanessa look just a little like a camel??   I think that's part of her charm.) Anyway, I'm very happy today, because my 50mm 1.8 lens came back from repair this afternoon, and I was able to take some shots of Vanessa with it.

The Hat

This is a quick shot of my daughter in her new hat. The light was terrible, and she is too close to the wall, but it's my daughter being my daughter, so I kind of like it anyway. I had some fun playing with it to try and get a vintage effect.

Camera Info

Most of these have been shot with a Nikon D200. I have two lenses--the 18-135mm kit lens and a 50mm 1.8. I also occasionally use a Canon Powershot A540 point and shoot. (And a few of them are camera phone pictures!)
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