Yes, the cactus has a name--Jennifer. It's my daughter's cactus, and she always names them. (The one before this was named Vlad.) She keeps it in a little cup of water. (The water doesn't actually touch the bottom of the pot, so I guess it doesn't get too much. It's doing quite well!) I've been playing with depth of field and still don't have it quite right, but it's fun playing.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer

Jessica Sell - Owner of A.E.P. said...

ohh a bloom! Got a pic of it?

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite name!lol
Cute son calls them captuses.

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

Great shot! :) I love that she names them, but HEY Jennifer - I am Jennifer, and I am not prickly like that plant LOL :)

Anonymous said...

DOF looks good to me. The cactus is nice and sharp.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Oh wow, the cactus has a bloom! I've never seen an actual cactus with a bloom before!

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