This is a photo that is more about documenting the day than it is about great photography. My husband and son play wiffle ball A LOT in our big backyard, and have for years (and will continue to do so for years, I'm sure.) It's rare, though, in January. So a warm enough day for wiffle ball is a good thing. The beauty of this 365 project is that it will keep the camera in my hands, for learning and for documenting our days. This photo would have been better had I used a higher ISO setting(because the light was fading.) I should probably crop it more too (that back fence sure cuts this photo in half), but I kind of like how they are lost in the middle of that big old yard. It warms my heart to have this photo, though, even if it is of poor quality (and as the benefits of doing this project are becoming clear!)

5 thoughts on “2/365

Anonymous said...

I really like "documenting the day" photos. Dec 31 we climbed a large mountain in our area and I snapped away..but I didn't feel I could use them in the project because they were taken the day before 2009. But I'm sure there will be more.

Jane said...

Looks like they are having fun!

shawna365 said...

I like documenting the day too. Or just being random with something that had an impact on my day.
Love your yard, it is nice and big.
And I don't think you should crop it or anything. I like it just the way it is, documenting and not worrying about perfection.

Tammey said...

I love documenting the day!!! This is such a great photo. Maybe technically it isn't a portrait, but emotionally... it's priceless.

It seemed odd to not see snow in your photo! LOL Sometimes I forget not everyone lives in the cold ;)

Jo-Anne Price said...

I love documenting your day. Actually, that is what I am doing with my picture a day. I'm also doing Becky Higgins 365 picture a day challenge. That's why my pictures all have something to do with what I was doing that day. LOVE your backyard and the interaction of your dh and ds that you caputred.

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