Monk Monk

I knew the day would come when I would post something completely weird (well, even weirder than some of my previous posts.) This is Monk Monk. My mom gave it to one of my kids years ago. Monk Monk shows up in various rooms of the house (thanks to my husband.) Last night I found him sitting on one of the hooks on the hall tree (yes, my Christmas decorations are still up. Instead of taking them down, I was taking pictures of a stuffed monkey.) I really need to get out of this house. AND, I need to borrow someone else's creativity.
P.S. See the cat hair? Even our kitty loves Monk Monk.

8 thoughts on “Monk Monk

Anonymous said...

The lighting and colors add interest. I like Monk Monk. He's cute :o)

Andrea said...

I love the new blog face lift Pam! Monk Monk is so cute!

Jodie's 365 Project said...

I love this - the colors, the exposure,the sharpness.

And no I didn't see cat hairs. I have two kitties so I'm blind to cat hair. lol

Jane said...

Nice one. I like the Christmasy colors in the background.

Anonymous said...

I don't see cat
Cute monkey!

shawna365 said...

Aww, Monk Monk reminds me of my sock monkey. :-)
Wonderful clairty, great lighting and tones. And of course, Monk Monk's charm.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Hey Monk Monk is cute and not at all weird to be taking a picture of him!

googler said...

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