This is Vanessa, my daughter's almost 4 year old guinea pig. (Well, actually one of two guinea pigs. Molly will have her session another day!) Vanessa is such a hoot. (She's an Abyssinian guinea pig, by the way.) I admit, when my daughter came to me at age 11 and told me she wanted a guinea pig (or two), I went "Eewww." I had no idea that they would be such sweet, sociable pets. Educational too--my daughter created a guinea pig website on her own when she was 11. (Is it me, or does Vanessa look just a little like a camel??   I think that's part of her charm.) Anyway, I'm very happy today, because my 50mm 1.8 lens came back from repair this afternoon, and I was able to take some shots of Vanessa with it.

8 thoughts on “Vanessa

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

Oh it's so nice when you get a lens or get one back! :)

Vanessa is so precious - we used to have guinea pigs they are so fun and cute! Not to mention soft!

Jane said...

Funny you mentioned she looked like a little camel because when I first saw the thumbnail of the photo I actually thought it was a bison! I might have to let my daughter get a guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

OOOOH, lens looks good!

Indiana Shutterbug said...

Yeah, I see the "camel". A cute one too! Glad you got your lens back.

Anonymous said... cute. My kids are begging for one but I've never had one. When I was young I had hamsters that I adored.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Love your perspective and Vanessa is way adorable!

Lanna said...

Vanessa is too cute! My son wants a hampster... Still trying to decide on that as the cats might have a hay day if it ever got out!

Makeup Theory said...

Vanessa is too cute, but I'm still a fan of Lucy.

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